Refresh-web-subRefresh Prayer Time

We will not be having a Refresh meeting during the month of November.

Instead, we invite you to be praying with us this month on your own time.

Below is a guided prayer that we will be praying this month.

“Most High God,
May we choose to:
Work aggressively toward unity, giving no ground to division or unforgiveness.
Relentlessly pursue building and maintaining healthy, great family relationships.
Deliberately embrace generosity and consciously defy selfishness.
Actively participate in mobilizing for missions locally and globally.
Intentionally engage others as Jesus did, rejecting prejudice and
expressing hospitality to all.
Actively seek ways to transform the community with Kingdom
business development and educational resourcing.”





If you play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, keyboard, or drums we have a place for you to serve at LABC.  We are always looking for quality players to join our worship bands.  We rehearse each week on Wednesday nights.  A monthly rotation is used to schedule players.  If you are interested, please contact Brandon Barton.


Praise Team

LABC is also always looking for good singers to join our praise team.  Singers rehearse with the band each Wednesday night.  These singers are the primary leaders with our Music Pastor on Sunday mornings.  They volunteer on a monthly rotation.  For more information, contact Brandon Barton.


Media Support

Our services require just as much technical support as musical support.  From lighting (LED, and static fixtures), sound (digital mixing console), on-screen support (ProPresenter), and IMAG camera support, we need technical-minded people with a heart for worship.  If this is you, and you would love to meet other techies serving the Lord, contact Brandon Barton.


Set Design

Each new sermon series or special event comes with a new look and feel for our Worship Center.  If you are interested in decorating, constructing, designing, or just like to work with other creative people, please contact Brandon Barton.