LABC’s Tier3 Stewardship Curriculum

Anyone wanting to improve their personal stewardship




Tier 3 is an LABC created three-course program focused on the biblical, theological, and practical aspects of personal financial stewardship. This stair-step program allows participants to grow their knowledge of biblical stewardship principles and personal finance over three courses, comprised of twenty-four one-hour lessons, and taught over three semesters.


We believe Tier 3 will succeed where other programs have failed due to one key biblical truth: “You cannot train the flesh.” A strict adherence to rigid financial systems without the direction of Christ and the empowering of His Holy Spirit resembles financial legalism, often brings guilt not freedom, and eventually falters. Stewards need Spirit empowered guidance and the strength to persevere in faith coupled with biblical financial principles. This focus allows users to create a financial system that is God-honoring and tailored to their individual needs.



Tier 3 is built upon four distinct pillars. Our courses strive to be Christological, Scriptural, Individual, and Communal.



Salvation changes everything! Once redeemed a transition takes place in the heart (inward) and life (outward) of man. Man has a new relationship with the Triune God, his new-found brothers and sisters in Christ, and the unredeemed world around him. The God-Man Jesus Christ, not man, is Lord and Savior. God the Father is the Creator and Owner of all. God the Spirit, the Helper of Christ and the Wisdom of God the Father leads, inspires, empowers, and holds accountable man’s thoughts and deeds. Man, now not only knows the Good (i.e. the commands of God), but he is now empowered by Christ and His Holy Spirit to do that which is Good.



God’s inerrant and infallible Word proclaims the story of redemption and the Good News of Jesus Christ. As part of this Gospel narrative man comes face to face with God’s expectations of him toward the Triune God and with man toward creation. Part of this narrative revolves around economics, finance and man’s responsibility to steward these God-given resources for the good of his family, the church, and the community.



The study focuses upon the spiritual and practical growth of the individual participants as it seeks to transform them into better stewards of the Kingdom resources God has placed into their lives.



The church is not built upon radical individualism, but upon a united whole where believers freely give of themselves to one another and in doing so become one body. Man finds his purpose by utilizing his specific spiritual gifts and earthly talents for the benefit of the community and harnessing these same gifts and talents to proclaim the Gospel to a lost world.