What To Expect

Our Sunday mornings are designed with your family in mind.  During our services we will sing, read the Bible, and take time to talk with God.   We do not think of ourselves as having a style of worship, but we hope each week our services present the Gospel in the most creative, relevant, and helpful manner possible.


Where Do My Kids Go

We believe we have the best children’s ministry around.  Our KidsRock Children’s Worship service is a special worship time crafted intentionally for kids. So while you worship, your kids will also have that opportunity in KidsRock.  We believe that preschoolers can worship too; therefore, our teachers will begin to teach your preschooler spiritual concepts in their groups while our services are happening upstairs.  All of our employees & volunteers have been properly screened and every measure has been taken to keep them safe while you are here.



First Session Connection Groups: 8:30 am (Adult groups only)

Main Worship and KidsRock Services: 9:30 am

Second Session Connection Groups: 11 am (Adults, Students, Kids@theLake (children’s) groups)




Sunday Morning Connection Groups

Our Connection Groups are grouped based on age and life experiences.  Each group offers an opportunity to develop meaningful relationships, experience Bible-based teaching and encouragement through prayer and service to others.  We desire our groups to spiritually strengthen families and individuals, disciple people with the Word of God, and connect the unconnected.  Groups meet each Sunday at 8:20 (older adults) and 11:00 am (all ages)