2019 Trip list

Our mission trip list is out and full of trips for you to be a part of.  Our mission work is #notyetfinished around the world and we need you to be a part.  Click on the button below to see a list of trips for 2018 with descriptions for each.




Mission Arlington

People are coloring outside the lines of traditional church work to take the gospel one person at a time to the city of Arlington. Followers of Jesus from across denominational boundaries are hard at work gathering people for Bible studies in apartment club houses, mobile homes, and neighborhoods — wherever anyone is interested. Without professional seminary degrees and armed only with the truth of John 3:16, these ordinary men and women become pastors and club houses become sanctuaries. Make an impact in your community by volunteering your time. For more information contact Mission Arlington at 817-277-6620 or www.missionarlington.org/joinin/volunteer/.


Arlington Pregnancy Center

Becky Hyde is the Executive Director of the Arlington Pregnancy Center. The center, which has three locations, is comprised of 12 board members, 15 paid staff, and 48 active volunteer counselors. The APC’s mission is to encourage women to adopt a lifestyle of life affirming choices, while presenting them with the Gospel and being an advocate for the unborn. They have ministered to over 25,000 women since the center’s inception.  Come and be a part of this life-saving ministry. For ideas on how to be apart of this ministry check out their website www.friendsofapc.com/getinvolved.html or call 817-299-9599.


Backpack Ministry

Our Backpack ministry helps over 100 kids in the Arlington School System by providing them with food each week. Children are supplied a bag of food each Friday afternoon.  These food items provide nutrition to children that might not get food over the weekend. Will you help us by picking up large-count individual sizes of the following items: Mac and cheese, fruit cups, Granola Bars, oatmeal, small boxes of cereal, cereal bars, tuna w/crackers, pudding cups, or salty snacks.  You can make a difference in children’s lives.


Southeast Asia

We are a family of 8 serving the people of South East Asia who desire to first be disciples and then to make disciples. We desire our whole family to be apart of a discipleship ministry, because we as believer’s are all called to be discipled in Christ and to be discipling others in Christ!  We want to train up the locals to start a college ministry at the college.  Our team is joining with 4 other local partners to grow them up in Christ and to ‘Bless Love Serve Push’ them to have a vision and a true burden to share the Good News with the people in their sphere of influence!  We are also working with about 8 clubs that we are seeking to get to know, invest in, help, serve, bless, and push them to grow more in their relationship with Father.  We hope that these clubs will desire to train up their current laypeople so that then the laypeople will leave the club’s walls and then go where they live, where they buy food, where they shop and share the Great News of salvation.  We understand that we cannot do this alone, we must continue to grow in our relationship with Father daily and we must have intentional prayer support and help from other people locally, domestically and internationally! For more information, email missions@labc.com.


We are working with the Nacional Evangelico Seminario to minister to the underground church in Cuba.  Our church is actively involved in developing this seminary’s brand new building in Havana, Cuba.  We take several trips each year to encourage Cuban believers, teach local Cuban pastors, and work with various other groups (i.e. sports, music). For more information, email missions@labc.com.


Southern Asia

Brian, Lindsey and Carter live and work among unreached peoples in Southeast Asia. In order to build relationships with people and alleviate poverty, they are working with rural coffee farmers. These farmers make up multiple unreached people groups and many have no access to the Gospel. We work with local believers to develop new coffee varieties and techniques to help them improve their coffee quality and quantity. Through our working relationships, we gained access to work with a local house church in the village that has the vision to reach the region. For more information, email missions@labc.com.


Middle East

Jewish grace Ministries was founded based on one proclamation, “Don’t forget us.” The “us” are those persons who work and live in Israel, Jew and gentile together, who believe that Jesus (YESHUA) is the same Messiah long foretold of in the Hebrew Scriptures. We work with these partners in ways that best fit their needs at the time. Many times this includes walking along side  them in outreach, prayer, and celebration. We see to their needs as made known to us, as well as needs of those they are in contact with. Most of this is done during trips to Israel with our partners and some is done from long distance. They meet with our groups while in country, to develop rich relationships that last long after our return. I encourage you to come join us, meet the workers, get to know them in a special way…you wont be the same. We have numerous opportunities to join the King in this region. You can inquire about trips and opportunities by emailing missions@labc.com.


Eastern Europe

However you best connect with people, go do it…and do it among the lost!” Do you connect with people through sports? In Eastern Europe, we are pursuing relationships with the lost and hopeless through sports (cycling, skiing, soccer, running). In a country stained with a long history of conflict and where only 1 in every 1700 is a believer, most people may never have the opportunity to hear the Gospel. Through sports, we have found a natural way to build trusting relationships that lead to opportunities to share the Gospel. There are short-term and long term ministry opportunities in this area. You can inquire about trips and opportunities by emailing missions@labc.com.