Because Jesus is the Rock, we come to worship Him in KidsRock Children’s Worship. KidsRock takes place in the Fellowship Hall at the same time as our Sunday Morning Worship.  It is specifically designed with your child’s interests and attention span in mind.  We offer a fast-paced, fun, and energetic atmosphere where kids can be introduced to God and His love for them.  From drama sketches and fun songs to engaging and interactive Bible talks, your kids will love KidsRock.


Submerge Connection Groups

More than ever, today’s children need a strong biblical foundation for the choices they face in our world. On Sunday mornings at LABC, our focus is just that – to teach God’s Word in such a way that it applies to the daily lives of our boys and girls. We have classes at 11 am by grade for 5th-6th Grade.  We use an established, Bible-based curriculum in our Bible study groups.  Grouping the children by grade allows our teaching to be age-appropriate educationally as well as spiritually. Christian adults not only teach the Bible, but provide Godly examples of Christ’s love in action.


Cross Trainers Growth Groups

On Sunday nights, CrossTrainers helps our 5th and 6th Graders discover their gifts through Bible Study and leadership. We want our kids to take their knowledge of Scripture and of God’s great love and share it with others through service. Your child will have the opportunity to lead out in Worship, Drama, Service and Media each week in KidsRock. Your child will be challenged to study his or her Bible each day as well as memorize Scripture that will make a lasting life impact! In addition, each week our CrossTrainers collect and package food for school children in Arlington through our Backpack Ministry. We also do several different Mission Projects in Arlington throughout our school year, including spending our Spring Break with Mission Arlington doing Rainbow Express.