David Jenkins

David Jenkins Large


Briefly describe how you accepted Christ?
At the age of nine I had heard the gospel message of Jesus. I had grown up going to church all my life, but that night my heart and mind knew I needed to accept Jesus as the Savior who died on the cross for me and rose from the dead to offer me forgiveness of my sins. That night as best as I understood, I accepted His invitation and asked Him to be Lord of my life.


What do you do at LABC?
I’m privileged to serve as pastor in several roles… pastoral care, adult discipleship, new member orientation, and hospitality to name a few.


What was the first album you bought?
Really? Ha! I was a kid in the mid 1960’s. It was the sound track from the “new” Batman TV show.


What is your favorite restaurant?
Would probably have to say Cheddar’s.


What is your favorite verse and why?
John 15:5. I’ve come to understand better what it means to abide (remain) in Christ and how His presence is everything I need to live life well.


What is your favorite worship album?
That changes on a regular basis. Right now I’m listening again to John Michael Talbot’s “The Lord’s Supper”, but often Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.


What is your proudest moment?
1. When Jesus came into my life!
2. When my wife said “I do” at our wedding!
3. The births of my sons


What are your favorite sports teams?
Dallas Mavs