LABC’s Book of UnCommon Prayer Journal

The hallowed God of the universe has given us a sweet gift…prayer. Simply, prayer is ordinary people bringing their concerns to a loving and compassionate God. The Lord loves it when we pray. He loves it when we come to Him with great concerns and humble requests. God shapes us and molds us in prayer. God uses prayer to shape certain circumstances as well. Good news…you don’t have to be a master of prayer to pray. Truth, you learn to pray best by simply, praying.


This “Uncommon” Book of Prayer is intended to help you learn to pray. My encouragement is not to try to master prayer, but to let prayer master you! Let God take you on a journey into the depths of His ways. I’m asking the Holy Spirit to give you joy and courage as you communicate to Him. I believe the King will shape you and use you to shape others as you embark on this expedition.


Each day contain a morning and evening prayer and scripture passage. Our hope is that your prayer life would be increased and you grow closer to the Lord through these daily moments with God.




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