Lake Arlington Baptist Church is committed to help the marriages in our church and community to not just survive, but to THRIVE.  To help in that process we are happy to offer monthly marriage newsletters with articles about family and helpful tips for husbands and wives.



Be sure to check out the monthly online E-ZINE for great resources like:

Hot Buttons – Simple things that can drastically impact your marriage

Plugged In – A great gift for you and your spouse, is a better you

The Spice – Topics that will hopefully bring you closer in the bedroom

Two Minute Vacations – Escape the craziness of everyday life and dream

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Thrive-Coaching-web-subNo matter whether you are talking about sports, careers, or marriage, great success has a recurring theme – good coaching along the way.


Thrive Marriage Coaching is an intentional marriage mentoring relationship designed to help both engaged and married couples build a healthier, more fulfilling marriage by connecting with a coaching couple.


Learn more about the coaching process by reading the links below. Once you decide you would like to request a coaching couple, you can do so electronically by clicking on the Coaching Request Form link. If you have additional questions, you can contact us by email at







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Thrive Date Night

October 21, 2017 @ 5-8 PM

All Couples


Our next church-wide THRIVE DATE NIGHT is Saturday, October 21, from 5-8pm. If you do not need childcare, drive by the Worship Center (west parking lot) and we will hand you a Date Night envelope. Or, pick one up at the childcare drop off points. As before, all envelopes will have great ideas for a fun time together, and some will include $10 – dessert’s on us!
Childcare is available for babies thru Pre-K, and the Build It Zone is for Kinder-6th grade. Please pre-register children at







The Smart Stepfamily Seminar


Any family dealing with a blended family issues

September 17 @ 5:00 PM

Room 214/217


There are many different kinds of stepfamilies. You may have adult stepchildren or step grandchildren; you may be remarried with or without children; you may have stepchildren in multiple homes or one home; you may provide foster care or have children thru an open adoption; you may have stepfamilies as part of your extended family systems. No matter how it looks for you, all stepfamily relationships face unique dynamics that present many barriers to marital oneness and family harmony. This 8-session video seminar will provide helpful resources, useful tips, and practical solutions for everyday living. You will hear from stepfamily expert Ron Deal and have the opportunity to discuss how to best apply the insights provided with your family.


Recommended resource donation is $7 per person.






thrive-gameplan-web-sub-pg-v2Thrive Game Plan

If you missed the three sessions by Ed and his staff, here is the video.

Exposing The Hidden Agenda – 9/18/16

Find out what you need to know, how you need to think, and what you need to do concerning the influence of

spiritual evil with you and your family.






Things That Go Bump In The Night – 9/25/16

Is a nightmare simply stress, or is it spiritual intrusion? Are ghosts, monsters under the bed, and imaginary

friends just a vivid imagination, or something else? How do I need to view magical games, fantasy films, and

supernatural subjects?






Identity Theft – 10/2/16

Darkness desires to rob us of our true identity – who we are in Christ. Learn specific ways you can help your

children and grandchildren embrace the truth about who they are in Christ, develop godly values, and choose

to stand strong in their world.