Flag Football and Cheerleading Season

Football: Grades Kinder – 7th

Cheerleading: Grades Kinder – 3rd

September 22

$125 per child



Cost is $125 and includes jersey, shorts, flags, wrist coach, car magnet, end of season award and the rental of a soft shelled helmet! For children in the 4th – 7th grade an additional $45 is required for the rental of soft shelled shoulder pads. The additional payment and sizing will be made during the Flag Football Clinic Evaluation on Saturday August 25th at the LC Sports and Recreation Center.



Cost is $125 and includes, cheer top, skort (skirt and shorts combo), poms, megaphone, hair tie, and an end of season award. Sizing for uniforms will be made during the Cheerleader Orientation on Monday evening August 27th at the LC Sports and Recreation Center.
Practice begins September 4th and will be once a week for both flag football players and cheerleaders. Practice days could be either on a Mon, Tues, Wed, or Thursday evening.
Games will be held Saturdays beginning September 22 and ending on November 3rd!
For more information contact katrina.parlin@labc.com or 817-457-5276