“Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.”  Malachi 3:10 (NIV)


Jesus taught that our love would be evident through where we spend our money.  Here at LABC, we seek to live by our church’s purpose statement: Glorify God. Pursue People.  We believe that to fully Glorify God, a financial commitment is involved.  God sacrificed his only Son, so as believers, we sacrifice our time, talents, and money to Him. This sacrificial giving is what allows the church to Pursue People.


Giving Update!!


To make your online giving easier, faster, and more secure than ever, we are changing our giving platform from ACS Technologies to Pushpay. Because of the transition, beginning December 31st, LABC will no longer accept ACS transactions.


To make this transition as easy as possible, we have provided links to create a new account in Pushpay (“new way giving”) and to turn off your recurring giving on your old account through ACS (“old way giving”). Rest assured, you will receive credit for all year end gifts through either giving method through December 30th. After the 30th, PushPay will be the only option for mobile/online giving.


Thank you so much for prioritizing LABC in your generous giving. Your consistency provides stability, strength and support to LABC’s ministry. We have more to accomplish in our city, our state and around the globe. Lives are being changed because of you! #notyetfinished




          debt update



My Legacy Giving


We are so grateful for friends like you, who with regular donations and sacrificial giving, help us fulfill and expand the reach of LAke Arlington Baptist Church (LABC). We receive constant inquiries from individuals involved with LABC who have heard about what God is doing through our ministry and it serves as a daily reminder that each member of our community around the world plays such an important role in fulfilling the work we set out to do at our inception 70 years ago. Over the past year or so, we’ve had several folks ask us if they could include LABC in their estate plan. And we have responded with an enthusiastic yes!
During this season we have discovered that well above 70% of Americans do not have a current will. And even those who do, typically forget to include the mission of their school, local church, or favorite ministries, such as LABC, in their estate plan.
Sometimes people feel as if it’s a choice between giving to their children or a ministry. But it may be more accurate to say that you are choosing between the federal government and charity. To take a look at how charitable giving in your estate plan might help you provide for your heirs, reduce taxes, and still bless your favorite charities, please invest ten minutes in using our My Legacy Planner. It is free, easy to use, and perhaps most important, confidential. No one here at LABC will be able to see your personal financial information, but it will help you see how you can avoid leaving unnecessary taxes to the federal government and, instead, bless your favorite ministries.


my legacy


Terms & Conditions | Gift Policy of Lake Arlington Baptist Church

Lake Arlington Baptist Church (LABC) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable organization. We are committed to the highest levels of professionalism and financial transparency.

The donation categories used on our website, digital and printed materials are representative of our established funds used to Glorify God and Pursue People. While we make every effort to implement your donation to the fund you choose, Lake Arlington Baptist Church leadership, with the full oversight of our Finance Team and outside, independent third party auditors, hereby reserve the right to use your donation “where needed most”, as needs and opportunities arise both locally and globally.

By donating, you hereby expressly give Lake Arlington Baptist Church this authority regarding your contribution.

Thank you for your generous support of the work of LABC and for understanding our intention to structure charitable gifts to provide maximum benefit to all parties involved.

We welcome stock donations and gifts such as cars, jewelry and land. Please contact us at (817) 451-4110 or with questions or for additional information.