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Executive Staff

Lead Pastor Dr. Eric Herrstrom Ext. 133
Ministry Assistant Pam Mason Ext. 138


Counseling Pastor Dr. Ed Laymance Ext. 116
Ministry Assistant Carol Harris Ext. 146

Creative Arts

Creative Arts Pastor Jason Medlin Ext. 147
Music Pastor Brandon Barton Ext. 127
Graphic Designer Will Herrera Ext. 148


Executive Pastor David Chase Ext. 129
Financial Assistant/Contributions DLynn Moxon Ext. 117
Receptionist Judy Tapp Ext. 110
Food Services Director Suzanne McBrayer Ext. 121


Recreation Pastor Katrina Parlin Ext. 130
Ministry Assistant Kristen Woods Ext. 139
Control Center Desk Ext. 160

Kids @ the Lake

Kids @ the Lake Pastor Julie McClure
Ext. 161
Ministry Assistant Sherry Acevedo Ext. 141
Splash Minister Laura Brunk Ext. 152


Youth Pastor  TJ Lewis Ext. 113
Ministry Assistant Sandra Joiner Ext. 140

Pastoral Care Pastor David Jenkins Ext. 131
Ministry Assistant Sue Flahaut Ext. 119