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At LABC, we believe that effective growth in a person’s life happens through personal relationships.  We desire to be intentional at creating biblical, relational envoronments that welcome people to grow in their connection with God and each other. We are designing our Sunday morning Connection Groups, Sunday night Growth Groups, and our weekly Bible-study Groups to help in that process.



Sunday Morning Connection Groups

Our Connection Groups are grouped based on age and life experiences.  Each group offers an opportunity to develop meaningful relationships, experience Bible-based teaching and encouragement through prayer and service to others.  We desire our groups to spiritually strengthen families and individuals, disciple people with the Word of God, and connect the unconnected.  Groups meet each Sunday at 8:20 (older adults) and 11:00 am (all ages)  Click here for a detailed list of our Connection Groups.


Sunday Night Growth Groups

On select Sunday evenings our Growth Groups are designed to challenge, and equip people to be better leaders and disciple makers for Christ and The Church.


Weekly Bible Study Groups

Our LABC Men and LABC Women have several mid-week bible studies meeting on a weekly basis.  Visit the LABC Men and LABC Women page for information or click the weekly schedule below.


Small Group Lessons

A Small Group builds a relational environment, a biblical foundation and has an intentional leader. It is where people can connect, share real life, and get help in following Jesus together. Our small group lessons will get you started in facilitating a discussion each week and help group members probe their beliefs and experiences using God’s Word for direction. Small group lessons are listed below for you to download!


Acts (six-week lesson)


Parables of Jesus (six-week lesson)


LABC Core Values (six-week lesson)


Ephesians (six-week lesson)


The Birth of Jesus (three week lesson)






Destination 2819

All Adults

February 26, 2017 @ 5:00 pm

Room 214


Let’s take a road trip! Learn what it takes to be a good driver, what vehicle you will need, and how to navigate the open road. Discipleship with a whole new point of departure. Destination 2819 is designed to help you discover what Scripture teaches about this journey to know Christ deeper (John 17.3) and help others be maturing disciples of Him. Therefore, it is for the dad, mom, worker and student. As you engage Destination 2819, we believe you’ll experience confidence in your call to follow Him and transformation as you continue to learn Biblical discipleship in the areas God has given you. We began this trip on January 29 with two training sessions, and will continue the trip on February 26 with two additional sessions. Each session includes a study guide. Sessions include: Driver’s Ed – The Loop, A Successful Journey, Be the Driver, and The Open Road.


Session 1

Driver’s Ed – The Loop

Driving on this Loop will help you to know the people on this journey with you and those that need to join you. Where are they on the Loop? Where are you? Learn the different stops, recognize the signs, and understand the journey.


Session 2

A Successful Journey

For this journey you will need a driver, a vehicle, and a map. Learn how all three become key parts of maturing into disciples who can reproduce disciples. The tools and insights that you will gain from this session can help you build a legacy of disciple-making that will continue until Jesus returns.


Session 3

Be the Driver

Being the driver can be intimidating! Through this session you will learn what it means to be an intentional driver, your driving environment, and creating growth opportunities. Knowing your role will make this journey even better.


Session 4

The Open Road

The open road shows you how to build relationships the way God intended. This session will walk you through the steps to building relationships within a small group environment. Real relationships are an essential part of God’s plan.